OK, these aren’t great photos, and the kitchen was dark so I had to use the flash, but I had a story to tell about our little Annie, so this is what you get today!

Annie is our little feral who came to us two years ago on death’s door, quite literally. Once I nursed her back to health, she had been inside too long – 4 months – to go back out. So she lives with us. She isn’t a huge fan of the two-leggeds in the house, but she’s learning.

Thomas, however, is her best bud. Where ever Thomas goes, Annie goes. (Maybe we should have named her Ruth…”wither thou goest, I will go.”) Thomas is Annie’s confidence.

2016 02 22_1752_edited-1

Often, what Thomas does, Annie does. So when Thomas jumped up on my lap the other night, as he often does, Annie jumped up too. It took both of us a couple seconds to realize that Annie was on my lap, and it took about one more second before she jumped down. But she was on my lap, ever so briefly. She is even letting me pet her when she’s not eating once in a while these days. Baby steps.

2016 02 22_1742_edited-1

She stood still for a photo shoot of at least 10 minutes, but in the end here’s what she had to say about it.

2016 02 22_1741_edited-1

I guess she’s done.


15 thoughts on “February Photo Challenge, Day 23: Annie

  1. it is so good Thomas is there for Annie. Angel Piper was there for BobbieSue when she came in as a feral kitten. She’s mellowing a little as she gets older and hopefully Annie will too!!

    1. She has indeed. Brought into a world totally different from what she knew as a kitten, she is doing her best to adjust.

    1. They have a lot of those – they are often together, and it is very sweet. He’s about 10 years her senior and shows her the ropes.

    1. Most of the cats like Annie but Thomas is her special bud. They are so sweet together. She follows him like a puppy.

    1. I hate to tell you, but they eat Friskies canned food. We tried all the high-quality foods and they won’t eat them. Better they eat Friskies than not eat! And they get some kibble – Pet Valu’s premium brand.

      1. Whatever works – it is almost a relief to hear that it is Friskies! My 15-yr.old had to be switched up to an expensive brand, but it made all the difference so I can’t begrudge the cost.

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