February Photo Challenge, Day 27: Annie

News flash on Annie…our little feral, on her way to becoming a not-feral-anymore, leaned into my hand the other day when I pet her. Small motion, but big move for her. As is hanging out in the open here in a very relaxed posture. You go girl!

2016 02 26_1831_edited-1

2016 02 26_1833_edited-1

13 thoughts on “February Photo Challenge, Day 27: Annie

  1. I remember our kittie sleeping on top of the TV (way back when there were vacuum tubes inside that warmed up the top of the console). Looks as if Annie has found her safe, warm spot. Enough detail in the pic to let us know where she is and how she’s feeling. Nice shoot Debra!

    1. All the cats like the radiators in winter – coveted spots!! Thomas, however, sleeps on top of the TV cable box, which is always warm too. Think spring!

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