The trapping season is underway again, after a winter hiatus. And it is starting with a challenge. One of our colleagues trapped a kitten, maybe five months old, who doesn’t have use of one of his legs, and smells like he has some other problems going on as well. The clinic she normally uses would probably want to euthanize him, so she asked if we would take him into care instead. And we will. He (or she) will be delivered to me tomorrow, and I’ll get a vet appointment and see what’s up. If the kitten needs a leg amputated, and is fairly feral with other health problems, but still has a viable life, we have a cat sanctuary that takes these kinds of cases for us once they cared for and stable. We’ll just have to see what’s up. This kitten may well be the first resident of our new building, which we hope to have next week.

Our first trapping comes up in about two weeks, and we’re looking at two+ colonies of around 40 cats. It will be an adventure. to say the least. No point in starting off slow…might as well jump off the deep end and get it over with.


In the meantime, I got to pet sit for one of my fosters from last fall. She was one of the kittens from a hoarding situation, and she had a miserable eye problem that took some months to resolve. Mary (that was her name then) was a total sweetheart through all of the treatments and care, and if we didn’t already have seven cats I would have kept her.

2015 10 17_0614_edited-1

I found her a wonderful home, however, where she is absolutely adored and so well cared for. You can’t blame me, though, for being happy that her new family had a trip to take and let me care for her for many days. I loved reconnecting with her, and seeing her so happy and content in her forever home. Still, I miss her all over again. What a doll!

2015 10 17_0600_edited-1

And so we begin the 2016 season. My guess is that it’s going to be a wild ride. Stay tuned.


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  1. Think of it as a roller-coaster ride. It will have its ups and its downs but, as long as you stay on the ride, all will be well. If, however, you try and get off mid-ride, you will most certainly have some difficulties!!! Great work – keep it up. 🙂

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