Lucky Update

Just a quick note since many have asked about Lucky. He made it through surgery very well. He will be a tripod with a short tail, but that shouldn’t pose a problem for this little guy after dragging his destroyed leg and body around for over a month. His pelvic area is so swollen and such a mess still that we can’t be 100% sure of his gender, but male is the best guess at the moment. He may still have some medical issues to deal with. We’re not sure about his urinary system…waiting to see what happens, especially when swelling and infection are controlled. But he has made it an amazing distance so far. Paws crossed that he goes the rest of the way, right into a great forever home.

For the time being, however, he will be hospitalized and getting great care. I hope I can get to visit him next week. I’m just glad he is somewhere safe and warm, and people with good hearts and great skills are watching over him. And the good thoughts and prayers of all of you going for him too.


8 thoughts on “Lucky Update

  1. I hope his name continues to be am omen for his health. Keep on, little guy. I am pulling for you. God bless everyone for taking care of this little angel. ❤

  2. Good news indeed! The great thing about cats is that they don’t mourn their handicaps. They think it’s normal and go on with life however they can.

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