RIP Elvis


I got word tonight that this sweet boy was put to sleep today. He was a wonderful cat, and though his people moved from the area a year or so ago, we’ve kept in touch. I even visited with them and this sweet boy last fall on our vacation.

For some reason, he loved these little stuffed balls. His people called them his babies. He had several of them, and every day I would come to pet sit, they were carefully arranged on the rug. No idea what the meaning was, but he clearly put some effort into the work. His people included some of the babies to be cremated with him, and told me that he had spent his last couple days curled up with them.

Rest in glorious peace, sweet boy. You will be so greatly missed.


13 thoughts on “RIP Elvis

  1. So sorry to read this sad news. I’m sure this wonderful cat is in a better place.

  2. It’s hard to hear of any baby moving on. I’m glad he had a happy home to live out his life in. Cour condolences and sympathies to you and Elvis’ pet parents.

    1. Thanks, Sabina. He had a wonderful home and life and was eighteen or so, can’t complain about that!

  3. When you lose a good friend it doesn’t matter if it is cats, dogs birds or humans they leave an imprint on those who love them and cherished them. That is a respectable age. Bravo, Elvis. I know your people will never forget you.

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