Heartbroken and Hopeful

Got a call from Lucky’s vet this evening. He had stopped eating and they did some xrays to see what might be up. They discovered three bebes or other projectile in him. WTF!! Someone shot this poor little kitten at some point. The vet thinks all the damage to him was the result of getting caught in something mechanical. Did he get caught in something trying to escape from the tormentors? There is no way in the world that a 3 or 4 month old kitten should have suffered at this level. (And yes, I know they do all the time…don’t have to like it.)

The good part is that the vet staff has fallen in love with this little guy. “So stinking cute,” the vet told me tonight. The xrays revealed colon problems, so she knocked him out tonight and did an exploratory rectal exam. Fortunately, he has a complete colon, but it was blocked bigtime. A serious case of megacolon. It has all been cleared out, but we’ll have to see if the colon actually works and moves things through or not. Paws crossed.


He has settled in at the vet’s apparently, and enjoys pets. He purrs for his favorite vet techs. And the vet really wants to keep working on him. She thinks he’s got a good chance. They are so much in his corner that they’re not even billing us for some of his care. Lucky isn’t the only one who is lucky here.

I’m pissed as hell that someone shot this little guy, and that he has had to suffer so much. And incredibly grateful that we work with a vet practice that cares so much about a life that so many others would just have ended without a second thought. It is all a bit of a roller coaster, but if he makes it and gets a wonderful home, it will be so worth it. Lucky wandered around for almost a month with these horrid injuries – he wants to live. You keep on fighting little guy…it will all be worth it in the end.


13 thoughts on “Heartbroken and Hopeful

  1. Just so wrong. Makes me want to say what’s wrong with people. A kitten? Really? Sending my best wishes for this poor guy. (Do we know if he’s a guy yet?)

    1. We are pretty sure Lucky is a boy, but they can’t find testicles! Still he has the anatomy of a boy in general so pretty sure…

    1. All paws crossed for the little guy. He’s been such a fighter…and he deserves a chance to just be a kitten.

  2. Deb, thank you so much for being so special and having such a big heart! I love animals and it kills me when someone hurts them. You’re a super special fur baby angel!!!!

    1. Ah well, thank you, but it is a team effort and Lucky is getting super care from so many, starting with the person who trapped him and didn’t just take him to be euthanized, and all the vet staff, and so many others. Team effort all around!

  3. Oh, it’s just heart-wrenching! Poor baby!! I’m so glad to know that he still purrs. Great team effort! I hope so much he pulls through and that he ends up with a wonderful, loving family.

    1. Your hopes match ours! Paws and toes and eyes and anything else we can think of crossing for the little guy.

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