My sister sent me a lens to play with, a semi-macro lens. Taking pictures of the eyes or toenails of the dogs and cats didn’t seem horribly appealing, so I went out to the very early Spring garden. Not much is up yet…things are just getting started, but there were enough volunteers for some photos. Buds, and some leftover veges that like the cold weather, and a few of the early Spring flowers posed for me. Still getting used to the lens, but it was an acceptable first outing!

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9 thoughts on “Early Spring

  1. That Ogee is so generous. You’ll love that lens if you don’t already. Just don’t forget about the focus dot when using a manual focus lens.

    1. It certainly is very different, but fun to play with. I have my eye on a Zeiss lens Ogee recommended…just gotta save some $$$!

  2. Momwithoutpaws can see part of her plants are up. Yours are opening their blooms and she is jealous

      1. I am not allowed in the garden But Momwithoutpaws has a bench she can sit and enjoy she cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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