We are busy – finally – with the first trapping of the season. I can’t begin to describe how wonderful it is to have a functional space in which to work and house the cats. And the best part is that the volunteers are back!! We couldn’t really use them when we were in my garage – liability and space issues. But many of those who worked with us a couple years ago are back in force, and we have some new ones who are just as amazing.

Transporting the cats – from the colonies to the housing, and to and from surgery – has always been one heck of a challenge, but we have a new volunteer who is retired and who has a HUGE van. We won the jackpot with her willingness to help us. We have a couple seasoned volunteers who are willing to be feeding/cleaning supervisors so a couple of us who have been doing most of that the last year or so don’t have to be all the house all the time. I am looking forward to stepping back a little and letting all these wonderful people claim the areas they enjoy and move us forward. Life is good.


The first trapping day was a little rocky. We are trapping two neighboring colonies who had been TNR’d in the past, but there are quite a lot of new cats now. So we’re trying to get everybody – TNR’d or not – so we can send any new cats off to surgery this week. Just as we were getting cats yesterday morning, a neighbor decided to have folks with chain saws over to chop down a tree…not really a nice, calm trapping environment!! But the evening was quieter, and we have 15 cats in the house as of midday on our second day (of 4). There may be as many as 40 to catch, so we have our work cut out for us.


There are some cats with injuries in the group, but we haven’t caught any yet. Everyone who has shown up looks really healthy. It probably doesn’t hurt that there are 5 or 6 difference feeding stations in a small area, and some of these cats are definitely double (or triple or quadruple) dipping! There are some big cats in this group. No one looks hungry.

It feels so wonderful to be up and running in a building that works beautifully for us. Should be a great week to start off our year.


And in a kitty beauty contest, we’d put our cats up against the cats of any other municipality! Don’t know what it is about Derry cats, but they are a gorgeous bunch. Lots of brown tigers and black cats so far, and one humongous orange (Garfield) cat. He definitely visits all the feeding stations regularly.

2016 03 20_1951_edited-1

2016 03 20_1946_edited-1


14 thoughts on “First Trapping

    1. Easy once you know the process, and thank you. It is satisfying to be able to help the cats.

    1. Actually it doesn’t seem endless! We do targeted TNR, trying to get all cats within a given region, and then you’re on maintenance which is a much smaller task. We may be there by the end of the year judging by the number of ear-tipped cats we’re seeing. PAWS crossed!

    1. They are very fit looking. There are 4-5 feeding stations in their small area, and I’m pretty sure everyone gets more than enough to eat. One of the healthiest colonies we’ve trapped so far.

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