Paris: In Memoriam

I’ve written often about Butterscotch and aging. We really thought she would be the first to go of our two dogs. But Paris beat her to the punch line today. He always was a little competitive with her. At 6:30 this morning (yesterday by the time you read this) he was his usual self. Barking…Read more »

The Old Lady

I’ve written about our old lady dog, Butterscotch, many times. Aging, when we’re fortunate, is a lengthy process. Butterscotch started down the getting-old path a couple years ago. Winter of 2014-15 we didn’t think she’d see the next one, but she did, and she’s still here, but she’s much further down the path these days.…Read more »

Early Spring II

Just a little more blooming now, as we alternate between warm days and cooler ones. The lesson from today…those of you who use a manual focus lens will understand…it is hard to get that white dot to be still when the wind is blowing. I did my best. Happy April 1st everyone.