Spring flowers? Spring Snow!

Hmmmm…what’s wrong with these pictures?  It’s April…this is just wrong.

2016 04 09_2019_editedsmall-2

2016 04 09_2021_edited-1

2016 04 09_2023_edited-1


12 thoughts on “Spring flowers? Spring Snow!

  1. Oh dear! Snowing here now for about 3 hours but nothing is sticking. I’m hoping for no flower damage. We may lose some peach blossoms.

    • I think my peony bush is doomed, along with many other flowers. Low 20’s tonight will probably be the last straw for the poor things.

      • I know. It stopped everything here about 2 hours ago but we will get the freezing temps overnight. Still worried about my peach blossoms. This has been the weirdest spring I can remember.

  2. Will they survive?

    • Unlikely, especially since temps are supposed to drop into low 20’s tonight. My poor peony bush…

  3. Oh my goodness!! Makes for lovely photos though! 🌷❄️

  4. Sure is pretty though!

  5. As for me, I am enjoying your regular spring weather. It is a welcome visitor.

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