Farm kittens

Well, kitten season is in full swing, and we got two new ones yesterday. We are TNR’ing a group of eight cats, but these two little sweeties were dropped, by their mom, on the porch of the house, and then she disappeared. They are probably about 6-7 weeks old, and very social. Unfortunately the change of venue, the change to kitten chow, and also a deworming  – the perfect trifecta – led to LOTS of diarrhea overnight. Their residence got room service this morning, and the orange and white one got a bath this morning. (And we both lived to tell the tale.) They’ll get to meet the vet this week, and get started on their distemper shots as long as all is well.

They are, at least at the moment, very bonded. I don’t know if they were like that before we got them, or they are just comforting one another with all the changes in their lives, but they are absolutely adorable.

Shooting photos through the bars of dog crates is far less than ideal, but I do the best I can. Toward the end of the photo shoot they fell sound asleep and I was able to open the door for a few shots. Enjoy.

2016 05 30_0334_edited-1

2016 05 30_0345_edited-1

2016 05 30_0356_edited-1

2016 05 30_0371_edited-1

2016 05 30_0377_edited-1

Mama Cat

2016 05 25_0329_edited-1

This sweetie is the mama of at least some of the seven kittens. Even though they aren’t all hers she very kindly fed and cared for them. She has been living outside, but has a home to go to as soon as the kittens are gone and she is spayed. After all her hard work, she deserves the best.

Life Interrupted: More Kittens

Just when we were starting to see light at the end of the tunnel it dimmed. The kittens we’ve had for a few weeks will be going to foster care and on their way to finding furever homes early next week, and we thought we were going to get a little break. “Not so fast,” said Mother Nature.

We got a call about TNR for some adult cats, but there was also a mother kitty on the scene, who had just had kittens. She’d had them in a bush, a not-very-suitable environment, so the caretaker kindly got her a box in the garage for her and the kittens. But with temps climbing into the 80’s the garage (with no windows) wasn’t going to be a suitable environment for long either. So last night, I went to get the semi-feral mom and her three kittens, all about 10 days old. So much for our break period.

But that’s kinda what summer is like in the TNR biz. Kittens, kittens, and more kittens. Though after three years of doing TNR in our area, we don’t have nearly as many. Still, whenever we can, we want to get these little ones off the street and into homes where they won’t add to the free-roaming population.

Because mama cat doesn’t know us her caretaker put her into a carrier with her kittens for us, and she’s still there. The door is fastened open, tied to the side of the dog crate that houses everything. She’s got lots of food (and is eating very well) and a litter box, and she can come out of the carrier as she wishes. The kittens are too little to venture forth, so she nurses in the carrier for now. They’ll outgrow that at some point in the near future, but hopefully by then, they will all be more comfortable with us. Mama shows many signs of being friendly, and maybe even an adoption candidate.

I didn’t want to disturb her overly, though she didn’t seem too distressed with the camera. She’s in a room that has no electric light – our storage room – because she and the kittens need to be kept away from the rowdy seven in order to contain any possible diseases. So here, in some really poor lighting conditions, are a few shots of mama and a little of her babies. More to come as everyone gets more comfy.

2016 05 25_0306_edited-1

2016 05 25_0308_edited-1

Playing with Cats

I don’t usually do shots of people with animals, but my new lens seems like a good candidate for that, so I decided to give it a try. A girlfriend’s daughters were kind enough to come play with the kittens and let me play with my lens. I have a great deal to learn about taking photos of people, and also about Elements 14 still, but for first portraits, I suspect I could have done worse.

2016 05 20_0186_edited-1

2016 05 20_0207_edited-2

2016 05 20_0252_edited4

2016 05 20_0265_edited-1