Sometimes TNR work is a little more than TNR. Or perhaps it is just delayed TNR. We’ve been working with a colony that had a nursing mom, but we didn’t know where her kittens were. You don’t take a nursing mom to be spayed, no matter what. It has to wait.

Today, however, one of her little ones started wandering and meowing loudly, which set the rest of the kittens to meowing as well. We were able to get all four kittens and mama, and they will have a nice kitty condo for a bit until the kittens are done nursing. Mama can be spayed then and her caretakers have found her an indoor home, which is fabulous. The kittens will go into an adoption program with a local rescue group.

Had fun watching them today, and some of their personalities are already clear. There’s an all-black one who might as well be named Trouble. He (I’m guessing) was climbing the kitty condo, eating his mom’s wet food, and demanding to be let out. That one has some attitude! And a little mostly black one with a tiny patch of white is pretty much Jr. Trouble. The little black and white one is the quiet one in the group, very much in the background. I don’t have a take on the fourth one yet, but we will. They will all get to visit the vet next week to make sure all is well, and get them started on their health care. Given that some of them were happy to drink the KMR (kitten milk replacer) and even some wet kitten food, I think they will be weaned sooner than later.

They’ll probably be off to the rescue group in not too long a time, and I suspect we will miss the little buggers. In the meantime, however, we’ll all OD on cuteness overload, and enjoy the ride.





8 thoughts on “TNR Plus

  1. Litters are fun. When I was young we didn’t neuter our cats so we always had at least one litter a year. Different personalities. With one litter the mama cat didn’t come home after the first day and we had to feed them. I was still in grade school and it was a grueling schedule. We all pitched in until a neighbor volunteered his mama cat who had lost her kittens. Back then cats were indoor/outdoor and didn’t last as long so it wasn’t hard finding homes for them. Now my cats live into the high teens and have a safer life but there are no little bundles of fluff. Enjoy the cuteness overload.

    1. The kittens are real characters. And as long as I don’t have to do them all the time, they’re fun!

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