TNR Plus Plus?

The call came at the end of a very long day, just as I was finishing my last pet visit and looking forward to some dinner and some time watching The Voice.

“We found another litter.” The colony we have TNR’d this last week had found another group of month-old kittens in a different out-building. The problem was that we had the nursing mom, and we didn’t know of any other nursing moms there. And nursing mom had been with us for four days. Can you spell adrenaline?

Grabbed a carrier and raced up to the location, and they had three – thankfully – lively little kittens. Talking up a storm, and clearly hungry, but full of demands and wriggling around. A good start. Now, would the nursing mom we had feed them?

The mama kitty gave us the crankiest look when we gave her the three additional kittens. It probably amounted to WTF???Β  But after about 10 minutes she let them nurse. They were also checking out the canned kitten food. Long story short, mom is taking care of all seven kittens. She should get a box of gold stars or a barrel of treats. As it is, she will be spayed when they are weaned, and she won’t have to do this again.


It’s a terrible photo with my phone, but I’m not going to press my luck with mama cat. I’m taking all the kittens in for a vet check this afternoon, and I’m pretty sure mom is going to use the time to sleep. She was actually climbing the cage walls today, and we try to stop by regularly and give her time to be out of the crate and away from the kittens periodically. I’m so glad they are starting to eat food on their own. So is mama cat probably.

Still, everyone is getting along well. They’re not really clear on the concept of the litter box, but they sure are cute.



24 thoughts on “TNR Plus Plus?

    1. They are adorable, aren’t they! On their way to becoming little hellions I would bet. Give em a couple weeks.

      1. My husband used those exact words when I brought home little 6-week old Parker–‘adorable.’ He held her in the palm of his hand and smiled. She is now almost 3–no more smiles from him! πŸ˜€

    1. Mama is totally friendly, and luckily she is getting a home when this is all done. We are really glad for that.

      1. Me too. I won’t have to dust off my carrier. Mollie was a mama when I adopted her and she has a maternal thing that the other two don’t. She is always the first to make friends with a new cat and show them the ropes.

  1. Well, they ARE a litter, and it IS a box…
    Blessings on you and Mama Cat !

    1. Yeah, mom does get tired. We gave her a shelf in the dog crate so she could get away from the kids when she needs to!

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