What a difference a week makes. The kittens are growing like the proverbial weeds, and are eating lots of canned kitten food now. I suspect it won’t be long before they are completely weaned. All of them checked out well at their first vet’s appointment.

They have gone from being sleeping angels to little hellions, and have become very entertaining.

Some of them like to wear their food, just in case they might need a snack.

2016 05 15_0038_editedweb-1

2016 05 15_0057_editedweb-1

And there is wrestling…lots and lots of wrestling.

2016 05 15_0053_editedweb-1

2016 05 15_0062_editedweb-1

For a little variety, King of the Hill is fun.

2016 05 15_0042_editedweb-1.jpg

And every once in a while someone feels contemplative.

2016 05 15_0050_editedweb-1

Or curious.

2016 05 15_0032_editedweb-2

I visit them most days for their lunchtime. Can’t think of a better way to spend a lunch hour than with the little hellions.


15 thoughts on “Growing like weeds

  1. OMG! So so cute. Love the one with the food on the face. Someone is going to clean that up for sure! (I could send Hazel. She loves food anywhere, anytime, anyplace.)

      1. They always are. I haven’t been around kittens since I was a teenager and our cats were unneutered. It was always a hectic time. Once they are around 6 weeks or so, they crawl all over. You have to be careful that you don’t step on them or close them in a closet!

    1. Luckily they live at the cat house, so we visit with them several times a day and then go home. Otherwise all would be lost!

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