Garden Cat

2016 05 17_0095_edited-2

My birthday and Christmas present for the next couple years came this week, when I treated myself to a new camera lens, a Zeiss 135mm. “You’re an addict,” my sister wrote in an email to me. I promised not to buy any more camera equipment for ages. My sister’s response: “The words of an addict mean nothing to me.” Of course, she’s no one to talk with all the camera equipment she has! Many more shots to come, but I grabbed this one before the daylight disappeared. And I can now download and work with RAW files, so I will have lots to learn and play with for a long time to come.


10 thoughts on “Garden Cat

  1. Your life will never be the same. There are very few lenses better than this Zeiss. And they cost a lot more.

    • It is a learning curve working with a manual lens, but so much more fun than fighting the camera over where I want to focus. I’m looking forward to playing with it more.

  2. You’re not an addict. You are just furthering your eternal quest for photographic knowledge. Yes, you are. 😀

  3. Love that cat there.

  4. A respectable addiction! I like that!

  5. It’s a healthy addiction – unless it makes you penniless, you lose your home and cat ministry – then not so much…

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