Mama Cat

2016 05 25_0329_edited-1

This sweetie is the mama of at least some of the seven kittens. Even though they aren’t all hers she very kindly fed and cared for them. She has been living outside, but has a home to go to as soon as the kittens are gone and she is spayed. After all her hard work, she deserves the best.


15 thoughts on “Mama Cat

  1. Good, good karma all the way around. She may not realize it yet, but so glad she will be an indoor kitty. May she live a long and loving life.

    1. She looks less bedraggled than she did two weeks ago when the kittens were all nursing!! She gets as much canned kitten food and kitten chow as she wants now…hopefully we can put some weight back on her.

    1. That’s very kind of you to say, Rob. I grew up in my dad’s darkroom in the 60’s, so it must be genetic. Ogee got the gene too.

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