Well, kitten season is in full swing, and we got two new ones yesterday. We are TNR’ing a group of eight cats, but these two little sweeties were dropped, by their mom, on the porch of the house, and then she disappeared. They are probably about 6-7 weeks old, and very social. Unfortunately the change of venue, the change to kitten chow, and also a deworming  – the perfect trifecta – led to LOTS of diarrhea overnight. Their residence got room service this morning, and the orange and white one got a bath this morning. (And we both lived to tell the tale.) They’ll get to meet the vet this week, and get started on their distemper shots as long as all is well.

They are, at least at the moment, very bonded. I don’t know if they were like that before we got them, or they are just comforting one another with all the changes in their lives, but they are absolutely adorable.

Shooting photos through the bars of dog crates is far less than ideal, but I do the best I can. Toward the end of the photo shoot they fell sound asleep and I was able to open the door for a few shots. Enjoy.

2016 05 30_0334_edited-1

2016 05 30_0345_edited-1

2016 05 30_0356_edited-1

2016 05 30_0371_edited-1

2016 05 30_0377_edited-1


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    1. It isn’t so bad at this age…I’m a lot bigger than they are, and can hold them in one hand. Best to wear gloves, however, so you don’t get scratched up arms when they start trying to climb you to get out!

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