The Bodhi Cronicles: Dogless No More: Bodhi Day Three

When Paris and Butterscotch passed, we thought we would wait to get a new dog until after our vacation at the end of October. Then, well, maybe after the busy summer months filled with pet sitting.  Then, well, after July was over. So much for waiting.

We’re just incomplete when we’re dogless, and Bodhi was too good to pass up. It takes longer than three days to get to really know a dog, and for the dog’s true personality to manifest, but we’ve learned a lot about Bodhi nonetheless.


Though he’s clearly had no training, he’s smart. And food motivated. And eager to please. Which is a great combination. And we’re going to need all of his smart/food/eager stuff, because on a scale of 1 -10 on impulse control Bodhi ranks about -5. I’m going to try clicker training for him since his hearing is finely tuned. We’re working on “sit” already. It is harder to teach stay when you can’t use hand signals, but I think the clicker will help. We’ll see.


Bodhi is curious and interested in everything. Very attentive to the smallest noise or vibration on the floor. Not having vision isn’t a problem for him, especially since he never had it in the first place. He is a confident dog. He loves to walk, and he is so confident on his journeys that the neighbors have been really surprised he is blind. (And then he walks right into a tree.)


He is also a really strong dog. Learning to walk a whole lot better on leash is going to be a must. The minute he hears or smells another person or dog,  he’s ready to go greet. So far, there’s no one Bodhi doesn’t like. Even Hiro, our cat, has gotten groomed by Bodhi already. But he’s going to have to learn to curb that some extreme hospitality on walks since not everyone or every dog is as desirous of company as Bodhi is. We’re planning a companion dog for him at some point soon. I think he really needs one badly!!

He seems to adapt to things very quickly. The car ride home…no problem. New rooms to explore…no problem. Bodhi doesn’t seem to experience much in the way of stress or anxiety. I could probably learn something from him.


So far, Bodhi gets an A+ for adapting to a new place and new people, and being a really sweet, loving dog. He has discovered that sitting on the couch with Marley is really nice. I suspect that, like Paris, he is on his way to becoming a daddy’s dog! Everyone has been telling us how lucky Bodhi is to have gotten a home with us. I’m pretty sure we’re the lucky ones.



16 thoughts on “The Bodhi Cronicles: Dogless No More: Bodhi Day Three

  1. when Momwithoutpaws adopted a senior pet ‘Bonnie’ she was deaf. It was difficult but she did it with consistency and food.

  2. He looks so settled already, lovely to see. Bodhi does not regard himself as disabled and will be a wonderful companion for his journey with you through life.

    1. He doesn’t seem himself as disabled at all…happy boy. And we’re glad he’s part of the family now.

    1. I’m not sure he’s “chill” but he’s a great guy. Lots of energy, and our challenge is to find a way for a blind dog to expend more of it. We’ll learn!

  3. No anxiety. Friendly. Happy. Gorgeous. You are the lucky ones. He will do well with a canine friend although you should say goodbye to peace and quiet. You really didn’t like peace and quiet anyway!

      1. I think most pets do better in pairs even cats. I had a single cat for a long time. When she died I got two. Maybe I just felt less guilty (I was working all day then) but I thought they had some other living thing in the house when I was gone.

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