I don’t know about you, but I find it easy to be overwhelmed by the wretched news of shootings and violence and hatred. There is way too much of it right now, though any of it, actually, is too much. But my day, last Friday, was interrupted by the kindness of strangers, a welcome antidote to the meanness afloat in the world.

It started with a call from one of my cat buddies, who had been contacted by the local police. My friend was out of town…could I call the community service officer back and see what could be done for a little stray kitten who had been hit by a car in a grocery parking lot? It wasn’t what I’d planned for the day, but what can you do?

While the officers headed to my home with the kitten I called the vet’s office and got an appointment for that evening. Given that it was a holiday week I was lucky that they could see me at all. There’s always a crate ready for a surprise guest at my house, so the police folks brought me the poor little kitten, and I settled him in the crate with some food and water. His back legs weren’t working very well…he didn’t look good. I didn’t have the heart to point a camera at him – not a kind thing to do to a scared and hurting creature, so I’ll give you photos of a kittens who looked a lot like him here. Use your imagination.

2016 05 15_0042_editedweb-1

What amazed me, however, was how kind a whole bunch of people had been to this poor little one. They’d seen him hit, I believe, and went to get him and care for him, and called the police who called us (Derry Township Community Cats)  so he could get the help he needed. The poor thing was so scared he climbed up inside the underside of a car, and they got him out and held him close until he could be transported safely. One woman cradled the little one (I named him Sebastian) in her arms, and would adopt him if he made it. Kittens are cute and all that, but these folks really rallied to help Sebastian.

I took Sebastian to the vet’s that night for an exam and xrays.  Even at the vet’s office, they were so kind to him, and loaded him up on pain meds and let them take effect before they even tried to xray him. The pictures, unfortunately, were incredibly ugly.  Crushed pelvis, back legs broken in many places, and given the pelvic damage there was probably lots of internal organ and nerve damage. There was nothing to do but to release him from this life with the hope that he had some more of his nine left, and that the next one would be longer and better.

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I had to call the officer who brought him to me and let her know he didn’t make it, and I think I heard sniffles over the phone. I called the potential adopter, who had held him in her arms awaiting care, and let her know too. Someone I know from one of the local rescues had also been at the site, as I found out later, and I let her know the outcome as well, and she was going to let others know who had inquired. Sebastian, a beautiful long-haired, 8 week old boy, may not have had a long life, and his ending was pretty tough, but he was mourned by many kind people who stopped their day to care for and about him. Godspeed, little one, and thank you for bringing out the best in a whole lot of people.



17 thoughts on “The Kindness of Strangers

    1. Me too. It was sad to lose the kitten, but it would have been so much worse for him had no one seen him in distress and helped. He would have died slowly and miserably, instead of with some loving care.

  1. I am a great believer that there is much good in this world, demonstrated daily by volunteers, good Samaritans and people who just generally help out when needed. Sadly, our news media refuses to acknowledge the value of such events, hence we only hear the about the bad stuff in general. Your story here is wonderful, but not unusual. We just think it is because of the scarcity of other examples! 🙂

  2. I am sitting here with tears down my cheek. Tears of both sorrow and hope. If we as humans could rise up to help one another as “we” saw here we would all be people. Thank you for sharing that little ones story.

    1. It was sad, but still, such a hopeful day for all. I love that lots of folks cared about this little one and what happened to him. Did my heart good.

  3. what a sad ending but it is nice to know that there are so many people with good hearts who cared for sebastian… rip little one.. you were loved and remember that as you cross the RB.

  4. Poor little Sebastian. I am so sorry for this, but the people who helped were incredible. If the way to go is surrounded by loving people, Sebastian could not have asked for a better ending.

  5. I’m sitting here with tears welling up in my eyes. Poor little guy. I’m so glad that little Sebastian had so many good people to care about and for him. It gives me hope that there are more people like them in this world than there are mean-spirited and hateful ones. I have become so disgusted with the news media’s obsession with bad people and horrible, tragic, events that I rarely watch or listen to the news for more than five minutes any more. I wish they would show at least two heartwarming stories every hour.

    RIP little Sebastian. Your life was cut too short but at least you knew love at the end. God bless all those good folks who showed you kindness and love.

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