I’ve been trying to solve the problem of giving Bodhi a safe way to really run off some of his energy. Learning to walk nicely on leash is hard for a dog who doesn’t have good outlets for running off steam. And trying to find a way for a blind dog to safely run full throttle is just a little challenging. But we figured it out.

We have these big fields a few blocks from us. Most are used as playing fields for sports, but some are just big expanses without many obstacles. Take an open, flat field and a 30 foot training lead, and voila! Run, Bodhi, run!

bodhi field running_0013_edited-1

bodhi field running_0015_edited-1

bodhi field running_0020_edited-2

bodhi field running_0034_edited-1

And, of course, after running, lots of love!

bodhi field running_0031_edited-1

bodhi field running_0042_edited-1

Happy dog! (Happy us!)

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