Meet Henry! Poor Henry was someone’s cat once, and was either lost or dumped on a feral colony. Colonies can be pretty territorial, and they beat Henry up pretty good. His face was pretty torn up when we first met him.


We (Derry Township Community Cats) took him in a month or so ago, and nursed him back to health, got him neutered and his vaccines. Despite all he has been through, Henry loves nothing more than to rub up against your legs and get pet. He’s a very happy couch potato!


Somewhere along the way Henry contracted FIV, perhaps from being roughed up by the colony he landed in…we don’t know for sure. But he is only eight, and we are trying to find him a home. FIV cats can have lots of healthy years ahead still, and Henry’s a muscular and strong cat, who has gained weight steadily this month. He’s almost at 14 pounds, so we may even have to put him on a diet soon.


Henry is enjoying his stay at our cat house, and seems to like the company of other cats despite what he has been through. But he’d enjoy his own home even more…hint, hint! Holler if you think your couch might need this couch potato to keep it warm!


20 thoughts on “Henry

  1. Awww…poor boy deserves a soft place to land after his inhospitable treatment. So glad he is in your care.

  2. I immediately wanted him when I saw the photo. We can’t have cats at The Holler. They can’t ever go outside which is unkind at The Holler because everything is outside, if they ever do, the coyotes will eat them. He looks like a much more beleagured Henry VIII. Ahhh, breaks my heart….

    1. Yeah, he’s had it rough. Hopefully we can make the next part of his life easier.

  3. What a beautiful boy!! I’m so glad you took him in, he is a real character, reminds me of a stray I feed, he’s big and looks real tough, but inside he is a big softie!! It makes me so angry that people just abandon them, it’s so sad.I’m just glad that people like you are there to look out for them!! Hope he finds a forever home soon, someone should be honoured to have him!!!

  4. He reminds me of my cat, Griswold. The same thing happened to him, and now he has FIV. I would love to adopt him, but do you think 2 older male cats would get along? Griswold is very lazy and cuddly with people. I wouldn’t want him to get terrorized too much.

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