Bodhi’s been with us a month or so now, and I continue to be so impressed with this dog. He is so smart, so quick to learn things, and so darned happy. And daddy’s lap dog big time. How 75 pounds of dog can curl up that small is beyond me.


Bodhi did so much better in his second obedience class. He was not as overwhelmed with new sounds and smells as he was the first week. He isn’t the star of the class, but he doesn’t need to be. He was able to get 4 sits done in 30 seconds instead of zero. I’m happy with that.

We’re working on loose leash walking and had a breakthrough this evening. He HATES the head collar and nearly gave himself a concussion the other day battling it, so I don’t want to use it anymore. This evening we tried a suggestion from our class instructor, and it worked like a charm. Bodhi and I had a nice forty minute walk that did not result in rotator cuff injury for me, and he had fun. He even got some time on his 30 foot lead so he could explore and run a bit. A good way to end our day.

Earlier in the day I tried to have one of our 10 minute training sessions, which usually go really well. It was miserable today. Not an ounce of focus on his part. Lesson to self: don’t try to train your dog when he really, really needs to eliminate. Took me a bit to realize what was going on…sometimes Bodhi’s trainer can be slow on the uptake.

Bodhi has learned sit, down, and stay so far, and we’re working on stand. That one doesn’t seem to click with him yet. He’s getting much better on the walking as well, and he knows what “step” means.  For just a month with us, that’s pretty good.  I give him an A+ and a gold star.

Bodhi is meeting what could be his little sister or girlfriend next week. We’ve found a dog we think might fit well with us and Bodhi, and we’ll see what he thinks about that. He can’t see and she’s almost deaf, but they are both beautiful dogs. If she joins our household, expect some glamour shots. In the meantime, isn’t Bodhi one of the most handsome boys you’ve ever seen?

bodhi field running_0028_edited-1

I’m just a little biased…



15 thoughts on “The Bodhi Chronicles: One Month

    1. Thanks, Rob. I am hoping to get to meet you in person late October when I’m out to visit Ogee. The walking tip was simple. Hook lead to harness in front of chest and each time Bodhi started to pull ahead of me, give a small tug straight up. It worked very well for the most part…now we will have to see if it was just the novelty or if it continues to work!

  1. This post has me grinning from ear to ear. A handsome boy who is smart too, and about to have a girlfriend. Life does not get much better…..

    1. Vet thinks Bodhi is about 4 years old, past the puppy stage, but lots of energy still. Paws crossed on the girlfriend…we will see!

      1. As long as I don’t have to potty train, I’m happy. I am too old to have to get up every three hours to take someone, besides myself, to the bathroom.

    1. He is gorgeous! And his potential sister is very pretty as well. We’ll see what Bodhi thinks of her…his decision.

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