Yes, we’re still here. Days are busy in the summer. With pet sitting at its peak, and the cat program at its peak as well, summers are full. But we’re still here, and doing fine.

Lots of new things for Bodhi. I took him out of his obedience class for now. It was the right class at the wrong time. He gets sooooo excited about walks, car rides, going ANYWHERE, that he can’t focus when he’s out of the house. Given the calluses on his legs – usually seen on older dogs who are sedentary – we’re guessing that Bodhi had four years of crushing boredom, and he has a lot of time to make up now. I’m still working on training at home, especially on impulse control, but my sense is that Bodhi needs to go places, have fun, and get used to having a life so everything isn’t quite so novel anymore and he can relax. Right now he treats every trip anywhere – even just down the street to pee- as if it might be his last chance. Once all of this becomes part of his daily life we can go back to class, and hope to do just that.

Bodhi and Thomas_0007_edited-1

We also tried adding another dog to the household. Many of you saw her pictures, and she was a sweet little girl, but not a good fit for all of us. With a very heavy heart, I returned her to the rescue organization. We can’t give her all that she needs, and she deserves a home that can.

Bodhi is back to being the center of attention, and he seems to like that. We’re not sure he needs another dog, so for now we are going to be a happy one-dog household. Because Bodhi was born blind, it isn’t clear that he knows how to play with another dog. He can’t see the postures or behaviors that invite play, and he certainly doesn’t do them himself. He greets other dogs veryย  nicely, which is part of what made me think he needed a companion. But once the greeting is done, Bodhi is pretty much done too. He never learned what to do next. So for now, he can be the center of our world, and all is good.

Some of you have asked how Bodhi does with the cats. This isn’t a great photo, but it does answer the question!

Bodhi and Thomas_0006_edited-1

Not a whole lot of conflict there.

That’s the Bodhi report for now. We’re putting our heads down and trying to get through the busy summer pet sitting schedule. School starts in a couple weeks and we usually get an onslaught of calls at the last minute from folks who want to do “one more thing” before school starts. Taking a deep breath, and thinking about Fall.


20 thoughts on “The Bodhi Chronicles: Catching Up

  1. We have had similar issues with Ray, in that he was never taught any social skills so had no clue about correct canine greetings. To complicate matters further, he displayed fear aggression which was displayed to pretty much any thing that moved (apart from us). He also had heart-worm when we got him, which was successfully treated; startle response (no longer an issue), and he now has severe separation anxiety!
    We too considered getting him a “friend” but were strongly advised against it. Whereas we thought that a nice stable secure dog would influence Ray in a positive way, apparently typically the reverse happens i.e. the secure dog picks up on the insecure dog’s bad habits!
    If you, or your Followers are interested. My first 18 months of living with Ray is in a book “Who said I was up for adoption?”, with all profits going to the Humane Society that rescued him.

  2. Bodhi is back to being the center of attention, and he seems to like that…he may be blind, but he had no problem conveying his preference! Smart dog. He and the cat are like my cats–alone together. Makes me laugh!

    1. Bodhi doesn’t need to be the center of attention, but he definitely doesn’t mind it. And the fact that he can’t see cats means he doesn’t chase them. Easiest dog to integrate into a cat household ever!

  3. I am brokenhearted that the gorgeous little pup didn’t work out. So beautiful! I hope she gets a good home. Bodhi must think he’s in heaven and it’s going to go away any minute now. It’s so sad that he lost those years being inactive. But onto the future. Love the picture of the two. Although he can’t see the cats I’m sure he can smell them.

    1. Bodhi definitely knows Thomas is there. Thomas climbed up after Bodhi was settled. Luckily he doesn’t care at all about the cats. So easy!

  4. Kinda nuts around here, too. Sorry the little girl didn’t work out, but things happen for a reason…she will get her own family soon. And Bodhi will be happy to not have to share you and the hubby. ๐Ÿ˜

      1. Bodhi is fine with sharing. The other little girl was not so much interested! All is well, and I know she will get a great family where she is the center of the universe and everyone will be happy!

  5. Cats are probably the only animal companion Bodhi needs right now!! Sounds like your summer is super busy but I hope you are taking time for yourselves.

    1. We get moments here and there! We are squeezing dinner out for our anniversary tonight between visits.

  6. My mom tried bringing another dog into the house to keep me company. I showed her real quick that I prefer a one dog household, and the pup went back to her foster mom. Interestingly enough, when she brought home two kittens, my now permanent little brothers, we all get along just fine!

    Have a super Sunday ๐Ÿ™‚ Woofs and wags, Kona

  7. It sounds like you have found the right prescription for Bodhi. I can easily imagine how exciting things are for him with you and how he might be fearful the goodies will run out, so to speak. I just don’t get people who have dogs and then coop them up and ignore them, I really don’t.I’m so glad he’s with you.

    1. To be fair, we don’t really know anything about Bodhi’s history. But the callouses do suggest inactivity. The other thing we can surmise is that he seems to have been well loved – he is extraordinarily affectionate. Maybe his person thought his blindness prevented him from doing more than is actually possible…hard to know. But we are happy to have him in our home!

      1. Your comment makes me feel better, that he was loved. It’s also possible his person was not very mobile. I grew up with German Shepherds but I’m no longer able to exercise big active dogs properly. The cats give me dirty looks when I say exercise.

  8. Bodhi looks quite comfortable and well-loved in the company of his kitty friend and a prime seat on the big couch. Given the attention you bother shower on him, I doubt he lacks for anything.

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