Rescue Magnet

I’m pet sitting a little dog right now who seems to be a rescue magnet. I don’t have any photos of her at the moment, but she’s a cute little Bichon, Gabby, full of energy.

Sometime in the last year, while we were out walking, a loose Chocolate Lab came running at us, around us, and everywhere else. No collar, tags, leash, But friendly (thankfully). The dog was headed for a very busy street so we lured him to Gabby’s fenced yard and called the police. They knew the dog. Apparently it is an honor student in the escape-my-house degree program. At any rate, dog got home okay and all was well.

Today I had Gabby out in her yard. It was way too hot to go walking on broiling sidewalks and her shaded yard was a lot better option for the midday visit. As we’re out I hear this cat crying…and crying…and crying. Very pitiful.

Looked around and the cat was on a second floor balcony next door, so I went over to see if anyone was home. Turns out the cat was on the balcony of a very nice person, but it wasn’t her cat. It was the neighbor’s cat, and they were out of town. This poor cat had been on the balcony for 24 hour in blistering heat and humidity. The kind neighbor (not the cat’s person) was giving the kitty water, but her daughter was outrageously allergic to cats so she couldn’t bring it in.

Home I went to get a carrier…plan was to take the cat to our cat house and put him in a dog crate with food, water, and air conditioning until the owner returned. By the time I got back, the neighbor had called the landlord, who had called the owner. I got the owner’s name and number and she was not happy to hear from me. Insisted that the cat could get in the house if he wanted to. The fact that it had been outside crying for 24 hours didn’t seem to impress her.

I asked if I could take the cat to the cat house. “Would that make you happy?” she asked rather sarcastically. What I should have said: “It is illegal for a pet to be out of your control in this township, and your cat is out of your control right now. It is also in danger. Would you like me to involve the police department in this matter?” What I said instead: “Yes, it would make me a whole lot happier than having a dead cat.” Oh well.

The owner finally agreed to send a friend with a key over to get the cat inside. In the meantime I got a can of cat food for the poor thing, and within an hour it was finally put inside the house. Because such things can come back to bite one, and because I was acting in my Derry Township Community Cat role, I went ahead and reported all of this to our amazing and wonderful police force, just in case there are further episodes or adventures.

But that was Gabby’s and my rescue #2. Don’t things usually come in threes? I wonder what will be next.


14 thoughts on “Rescue Magnet

  1. Geez, I just don’t “get” some people! Why bother having ANY animal if you’re not going to take care of it, love it, and be responsible for its wellbeing at ALL times?!

  2. Poor kitty! My human would be very appreciative to know her neighbors were looking out for my cat-brothers, and vice-versa. It sounds like you handled the situation perfectly.

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