One of the roughest jobs we have, in rescuing kittens, is kitten cuddling. It actually is a bit touchy at first with kittens who haven’t had any human contact, but if they are young enough they start to really enjoy being held and pet. Our newest four are still warming up to the process, and the black and tiger one need more work than the orange ones, but they’re all coming along.







13 thoughts on “Kitten Cuddling

    1. Yes, even he is coming along! He hisses occasionally, but no more slapping, and he lets us pet him carefully. We’ll turn the little guy from the Dark Side!

      1. That’s good. Black cats can be harder to place. I’ve had two. One was a cantankerous female alpha cat and the other was Jake who was bossy in his own way.

  1. I love the expressions on their faces “I’m supposed to be liking this???” “Well maybe….”

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