Mama and kittens, from last week’s trapping are all doing well. Mama is friendly enough that the kind folks that have been feeding her will be taking her into their home after she is spayed this weekend. We’ve noticed that she’s rather enjoyed having her own apartment to hang out in, though she likes being able to see her kittens across the aisle.

The kittens have taken a good bit of work, and much more to do, but they are coming along. Scared to death of us at first, they are still timid but they are tolerating pets and even some cuddles…grudgingly at times, but not bad for their first week of contact with people. Three of the kittens have actually taken treats from my hand, which is a great sign.

They had their first vet appointment this week and are one of the healthiest litters we’ve ever trapped. (Mama took good care of them.) They got their first distemper shots, dewormed, and passed their exams with flying colors. They were all negative for FIV/FELV, which is always a relief. They are about 2 months old, so we have a good month to work on socializing them so they can get good homes.

Meet Jamie:

Kittens week2_0002_edited-1

And Porter (who has turned out to be the most difficult to socialize of the group) . He has HUGE ears…gonna be a big cat.

Kittens week2_0006_edited-1

Gigi (the orange one) and Brady (black) wouldn’t pose separately. Brady, who was the most challenging at first, has turned out to accept socialization moreso than the others so far. He’s doing great.

Kittens week2_0015_edited-1

We had another litter that was just as timid as this group, and now they are social butterflies and crazy kittens (lunatics actually)…paws crossed that we can do the same for these four.


15 thoughts on “Kitten Update

    1. That is definitely the goal. If we can socialize them well, one of the local rescue groups is likely to take them and get them homes.

    1. I could always sneak one in my camera bag when I come to visit in October. And I had a helper for these shots who was getting the kittens’ attention for me, which helped a whole lot!

  1. They look so well and healthy, a super job you are all doing! I hope they will land on their paws in new happy homes when they are ready. Blessings to you all xxx

  2. They are all just gorgeous, they look so well and like they are settling, after your wonderful work and patience. It’s always good to be able to start so young and show them people can be kind and they can find a good life. I have had a couple, that have improved, but are forever scarred by their life on the streets, whatever happened to them, and certain ingrained behaviours they seem unable to stop, even when they are cared for and loved, it’s sad, but we can only do what we can, can’t we?? All the best with these fur babies, they are adorable, so hopefully melt someone’s heart!!

    1. Kittens past about 3-4 months are very hard to socialize. We took a very sick one in who was about 7 months, and it took four months to get her healthy, and that was too long to put her back. That was three years ago and she is still very comfortable with our other cats, and not at all with people. But at least we know these guys are safe and cared for. Sometimes that’s the most we can do, and it has to be enough.

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