We’ve had the kittens about 2 1/2 weeks now, and much has happened. We had to give each kitten his or her own crate early on to get them focused on becoming comfortable with people. They were too glued to each other, and with a very short window for socializing, we went into high gear. These kittens are already almost 10 weeks old, so time in not on our (or their) side.

They did well with their own crates, all lined up so they could see each other, but not hide behind a sibling. For the last two weeks we have been getting them out several times a day for cuddling and pets, and they are making good progress. Gigi, the only girl, was making much less progress than the others so she went to a foster who can give her lots of attention throughout the day, and I hear she’s doing well too. But here are the three boys.

I should mention that they are all fiends for catnip, and our morning cleaner/feeder gives it to them daily. We may have to include on their adoption papers that they are all drug addicts.


Jamie has made the most progress, and we have no worries at all about him. A little social butterfly, with a purring engine that makes you just melt.


Porter is coming along, maybe a bit more timid that the others. But he loves to play. All three kitten crates are lined up together and he is a master thief at stealing all the toys and getting them into his crate.



Brady loves the toys too, and was doing really well, but has backslid a bit in terms of sociability. More work to be done, but he’ll get there. He was one of the first to start purring for us, and the social gene is in there somewhere!

Because they are doing so well individually, I gave them some time together today. I think they missed each other!



Or maybe Jamie missed Brady more than Brady missed Jamie…not sure! But they were soon playing, and Porter joined in as well. Since they were so happy together, and they have made a lot of progress in two weeks, they graduated to the kitty condo so they can all be together. I didn’t take down their individual crates yet, just in case we need to separate them again, but they were having a blast climbing shelves and jumping across, and visiting as I left today. They deserve some fun together after all the work they’ve done to get comfy with people so they can get good forever homes.



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    1. I think they will all find good homes – they are improving (socialization wise) by the day, and lots of cuddlers helping. (Rough job…)

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