More kittens

Guess what our trapper extraordinaire caught tonight? If you’re guessing kittens, you’re right!Β  Six of them, many calico and tortie so female. Probably about a month old, blue eyes still, but eating and moving around comfortably. Here’s a terrible pic taken with my phone. It was too late to go home and get my camera, and we wanted them to relax and settle, eat and sleep, which they will do more of with us gone. They are soaking their faces and bodies in KMR (kitten milk replacer) and some food slurry. Stay tuned for better pics and stories.


11 thoughts on “More kittens

  1. OMGoodness- They will wake up in dream land with full tummies and new future. No need for them to play the lottery, they just won the jack pot! πŸ™‚

    1. The mom has not been seen for four days, though we have a trap out for her in case. It is likely that something happened to her, and all the better that we have the little ones. They would probably not survive on their own at this age.

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