And more kitten pics…

Here are some better pictures of the babies. One tortie, two calicos, 1 black, 1 tuxedo, and one tiger. They are getting acclimated to their new reality little by little, and enjoying the room service. One of the calicos thinks it is best to stand in the food dish while eating. That way, if others get too much of the food, she still has plenty to lick off her legs and belly. They are utter slobs, wearing as much of their food as they eat, which is typical of kittens this age.

One of the little calicos (hanging back in all these photos) isn’t eating as well as the others, and she got some syringe feedings today to be sure she was getting food. This afternoon I discovered that she loves the canned kitten food mixed with KMR. I put some on my hand and held it out to her. All maybe 1/2 lb of her hissed at me as big as she could – which wasn’t all that impressive (but don’t tell her…she was trying) – and then demanded the food. We went through this ritual several times, and it was good to see her eat. She will have to learn one of our house rules, however: the more you hiss, the more you get pet and picked up and cuddled. At the rate she’s going, she’s going to be cuddled at least twice as much as everyone else.

They have their first vet appointment next Tuesday to get weighed, checked out, and hopefully their first distemper and deworming meds. In the meantime, lots of handling and TLC. Their mama hasn’t been seen in about four days, and that’s not a good sign. And makes it all the better that they are safe with us.



(Notice that the paws, which have already been through the food dish, have an ample supply of food on them in case the dish runs out. Good planning.)



(There are four kittens in this picture, even though you can only see three heads!)



19 thoughts on “And more kitten pics…

  1. Aw, what a bunch of cuties!!

  2. Aww those faces, they still look so unsure. Blessings to all of you xxx

  3. They are way too cute! And I love the little one hissing at you–how adorable is that?!

  4. I adopted Morgan when she was 6 months which is older. She was the sloppiest eater ever. Mollie used to clean her up washing her face and ears (how does a cat get food on their ears?). Which one is the hissy one? I want to send internet kisses!

  5. They still have that worried look in their eyes – but a look of contentment can’t be too far behind!

    • Several still look worried today, but two of them are purring and wrestling, so I’m sure the others won’t be far behind.

  6. Teeny tiny fur-balls of sweetness (and milk!)

  7. It is amazing to me that these tiny fur balls can survive for even a week out there in the big, inhospitable world. Kudos to your whole group.

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