We haven’t had the kittens (the babies) for two full weeks yet, but they have changed so much. I have been trying to get new pictures of them, but they are so active now, and the light in the cat house isn’t fabulous, so all of my photos have been awful. As a consequence I’ll include some from the “day five” shoot that didn’t make the first cut.

The kittens no longer have that deer-in-the-headlights look. They are wrestling like crazy with each other, having a blast. Their eyes are no longer quite blue, and are working their way to their permanent eye colors. They are starting to eat kibble smashed into small pieces with a rolling pin, along with the wet kitten food. They are rapidly outgrowing the need for the kitten milk replacer. But they still do a pretty good job of wearing almost as much food as they eat.


The had their first vet appointment and they are all girls…most usual. We call the older kittens (going off to the adoption programs this coming week, the Fab Four) so this group has been named the Spice Girls. The little black girl was the smallest of the group, so we’ve focused on making sure she gets enough to eat. She defers to the others too often. She weighed only .9 ounces, and her sibling all weighed between .11-.14.

But the biggest change is that they have gone from fearing us, to practically begging to be held each time we appear. From fear to adoration (of a sort) in less than two weeks. I want to be that flexible when I grow up. They used to huddle at the back of their crate in one big, fearful ball, and now they wander to the front the moment they see us and start meowing to be held (and fed). They are curious, clever, and oodles of fun.


They are masterful purring machines all of them, and I’m pretty sure they know that they’ve got us the moment they start. You’re basically in their grip when you’re holding one to your chest and she starts purring and rubbing against you. We are helpless in their less-than-one-pound clutches.



They won’t be old enough to have their surgeries and go off to home until mid-November. I have a feeling it is going to be very hard to let them go by that time. We’re all in love already.


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      1. There are actually six, and they would have their shots and surgeries and be ready for homes by mid-November, just in time for Thanksgiving. The torti is such a sweetie – the first to get really social and always at the head of the line for pets. She is adorable, but so is the black one. They are a really good group.

      2. And don’t forget…I know where you live!! If you hear some meowing on the front porch one morning…

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