Pumpkins (Off topic)

Lots of rain in Northern California right now, which is much needed. And I am getting to practice camera skills in rainy conditions. Yesterday we wandered along Apple Valley, which is a collection of orchards, pumpkin patches, wineries, and Christmas tree farms. Lots of pumpkins still for sale there, and lovely stacks of them everywhere.…Read more »

The Dog Nephews

Once a year, Marley and I get a week off, and this year we headed out to Sacramento to visit my sister, Audrey, and Marley’s middle son who is getting his PhD. at UC Berkeley in a subject I can’t even begin to explain. Part of the reason for visiting Audrey was to get some…Read more »

If it Fits, I Sits

Bodhi is SUCH a daddy’s dog. Everytime Marley sits down to watch TV, Bodhi joins him in the easy chair. Looks uncomfortable to me, but they love it. Bodhi joined us 4-5 months ago, and we both agree, he’s a fantastic dog. He has the best qualities of both Paris and Butterscotch, who passed away…Read more »

In Memoriam: Thomas

As Marley and I waited and watched Thomas over the last couple days, the path became clear, as it often does. One of the theories for Thomas’s partial facial paralysis was the existence of lesions or a brain tumor. We didn’t test for that since it would stress Thomas unduly, and while it would tell…Read more »