Bodhi is SUCH a daddy’s dog. Everytime Marley sits down to watch TV, Bodhi joins him in the easy chair. Looks uncomfortable to me, but they love it.


Bodhi joined us 4-5 months ago, and we both agree, he’s a fantastic dog. He has the best qualities of both Paris and Butterscotch, who passed away in the spring, and none of the faults. We had gotten so used to endless barking that it took us quite a while to realize that Bodhi doesn’t bark. Blessed silence. And he barely sheds compared to our two of blessed memory. I have no idea how we got so lucky.


And we have finally figured out what’s wrong with him. Four year old healthy dogs don’t normally leak urine, but he’s been doing just that for the last month. After a variety of tests, we did a urine culture and it turns out he has a UTI with a bacteria that is resistant to many drugs. But now we know what drug to use, and he should be fixed up in no time, which makes us happy, and will certainly make him more comfortable too. (And it was really inexpensive, a little bonus.)


Life is good with our great big angel of a lap dog, size X-large.

14 thoughts on “If it Fits, I Sits

  1. Such good news that you now know the cause and can give Bodhi the right treatment. He is such a treasure. Get well soon sweet Bodhi ☺🐾🐾

    1. We’re glad too that we know the cause and it isn’t something chronic. He should feel better in no time!

  2. This is such a wonderful post. Happy about the inexpensive fix for Bodhi but I just love the contented look on his face…the face of an XL lap dog. Adorable.

  3. In the photos he looks like such a contented and gentle dog. I am glad your fix was straight forward and inexpensive, and that he’ll be better soon.

  4. Love, love, love this post! I am SO glad you figured out Bodhi’s leaky problem! And even more so that there’s treatment for it! Give your boy a hug and a kiss for me.

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