Once a year, Marley and I get a week off, and this year we headed out to Sacramento to visit my sister, Audrey, and Marley’s middle son who is getting his PhD. at UC Berkeley in a subject I can’t even begin to explain.

Part of the reason for visiting Audrey was to get some serious schooling in using my camera and processing photos, and to say my brain is swimming is an understatement. Audrey has a blog here, in case you don’t know it. One look at it and you’ll understand that I’m in over my head as far as photography is concerned, but I am learning. I have a decent eye, but my technical skills have been far behind, and this week they’re getting a big bump up. The number of things you can fix with Photoshop is absolutely mind-blowing.

More to come later, but here are Audrey’s super sweet dogs. Under the careful eye of the camera master I worked on processing each of these photos for a half hour or more…hopefully I will get faster over time! But I’m learning lots, and having fun. More photos to come, once they are processed and pass muster!



We really miss Bodhi, who we hear is doing well with his first kennel experience. So it is lovely to have a couple sweet nephew dogs to cuddle in the meantime. The younger one even joined us in bed around 5 am. What more could you want on vacation?! (Well, two two dozen hot apple cider donuts we bought today didn’t hurt either.)



14 thoughts on “The Dog Nephews

  1. I can’t think of anyone better to teach you whatever you need to know about photography than Audrey! She has some of the best photos I’ve ever seen!

    And dawggies make such pawsome subjects, especially when they’re relatives!

  2. Okay, so ignore my earlier question – I thought these photos were sharper and I see that you are using the new camera – they’re great photos! And cute dogs. šŸ™‚

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