I got to visit Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue this last weekend with my sister. A remarkable place. Beautiful any time of year, but lovely in the Fall. And I got to watch eight dogs get their forever homes that day, which warms the heart. The gardens are especially beautiful, more than I can do justice to with my photos. There was some raking to do, but peaceful places to rest in the process.



And plenty of company.




The last flowers of the season were still in bloom, showing off what was left of their glory before the winter rest.


It was a wet day out but the dogs didn’t seem to mind. They just kicked up their heels and played. Baths can come later…fun first.


Homeward Bound, like so many rescues, is an amazing place, filled with dedicated and talented volunteers. Made me miss my own Derry Township Community Cats. I’ll be glad to be home and see how all the kittens are doing. But it was wonderful spending the day with the volunteers and the dogs, and especially to watch so many dogs get their homes in one day. Homeward Bound is a remarkable little corner of the world, and the dogs and people who pass through its gates are fortunate indeed.



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