Bodhi is easily one of the best dogs we’ve ever spent time with, no disrespect to many other wonderful dogs. I don’t know what it is about him…the blindness, the blind trust he places in us, his gentle spirit, and his general happy-go-lucky way of being. He’s just a great dog. We’ve had some September…Read more »

The Late Season Babies

Our late arrivals at the cat house…hopefully the last residents for the season…are doing much better. They weren’t eating last weekend, but they are back to eating like little piggies now, which does our hearts good. They shed lots and lots of dead (thankfully) roundworms this week. I will spare you the deals. Suffice it…Read more »

The End of a Long Season

One of the volunteers asked me yesterday if I would miss all the kittens when they were gone from our cat house. She comes in often to pet and cuddle them, and she really misses then when they leave. Me? Easy answer: No. I’m not heartless, really and truly. But the TNR season has been…Read more »