Marley and I lost three of our pets this year, two dogs and one cat. That was a lot in one year, and we would be glad to go quite awhile before losing another. Many of our pet sitting clients passed over the Bridge this year too, so lots and lots of loss.

I don’t have any photos of the resting places of pets, but Marley and I wandered a very old cemetery in Sacramento the other day. Lots of stones from the 1800’s. It was a quiet, peaceful place with beautiful plantings. In honor of all the souls of all sorts who have passed, here are some photos from the cemetery.






Rest in peace.

8 thoughts on “All Souls Day

  1. We lost three last year I know it is hard. I wasn’t myself for a long time after that. Momwithoutpaws is on a mission to get me a pawsister. Dadwithoutpaws wants a sheperd puppy. Momwithoutpaws wants to rescue one. Hopefully, they can.

  2. My mom used to love wandering around old cemeteries. Many of the old tombstones had pictures and we would make stories. Sometimes There would be families with a husband and several wives he outlived (many died in childbirth back then). There was always something peaceful and solemn about it. I have 4 pets buried in my current yard. Sometimes I wander over to them and we chat. Each one was so different and each one was missed.

  3. Such beautiful, poignant and bitter sweet photos Debra. My days are always fuller with thoughts of my family and pets whether today’s or 30 years ago. Thank you for posting.

  4. it’s always so sad to loose a dog or a cat or a relative. It takes some time to get over it, I guess. But still I enjoyed your photos of this old graveyard. It has a wonderful atmosphere.

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