Our late arrivals at the cat house…hopefully the last residents for the season…are doing much better. They weren’t eating last weekend, but they are back to eating like little piggies now, which does our hearts good. They shed lots and lots of dead (thankfully) roundworms this week. I will spare you the deals. Suffice it to say it was gross. But they feel better now.

Petey is the one above. He’s the shy one. His brother, Parker (below) has been much faster to play, to let us cuddle him, and to adapt in general. Petey is coming along, mostly because his brother is dragging him into playtime and fun! Parker needs no encouragement to play, and as far as being his playmate, as the Borg would say, resistance is futile.


We originally separated the kittens from mom, but we had to put them all back for a bit. A lesson learned for us…let them get used to their new digs before moving too fast. We usually don’t have a mom when we get kittens, and almost never a friendly mom, so we learned some lessons from these two. But mom will be going for her surgery soon, and the little ones needs to spend time without her and get used to that.

So during the day now, mom gets the run of the cat house, and she seems to enjoy the time away from the kittens. They are also doing well with that, and having a blast playing with each other in the huge dog crate that is their home. At night, mom rejoins the kittens, but I’m already starting to see that she is just fine in her sweet bed outside the dog crate. I think separating them in a few days will not be so traumatic this time.


Mom has a home waiting for her once she is spayed, and the kittens will hopefully go into a local rescue’s adoption program after they are neutered, and all…we hope…will live happily ever after. And we still look forward to a little down time between seasons.

10 thoughts on “The Late Season Babies

      1. Actually both pet sitting and the cat program are busiest from May – October, and then they are both quieter. It would be fabulous if they didn’t peak at the same time, but what can you do? That’s why I’m so tired come this time of year.

      2. Blips at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but not much vacation travel the rest of those months, and not much until March. Just daily dog walks and some business travel. A nice break for us!

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