Bodhi is easily one of the best dogs we’ve ever spent time with, no disrespect to many other wonderful dogs. I don’t know what it is about him…the blindness, the blind trust he places in us, his gentle spirit, and his general happy-go-lucky way of being. He’s just a great dog.

We’ve had some September days in November, and one of the things Bodhi really enjoys is to head down to one of the open fields, and on leash, since he needs help not running into something, he wanders until he is done checking out the place. We had a lovely time with him in the leaf-covered field today, enjoying 70 degree weather with our happy guy. Life is good.



8 thoughts on “Bodhi

  1. I’ve often enjoyed those unscripted times in the big yard at the rescue just following one of the dogs as they explore looking for their personal treasure.

    1. They are so relaxing. Too bad it is about to get too cold to do much for a few months, but we’ll find something else to do with Bodhi for winter.

  2. Handicapped rescue pets are the bet. I feel the same way about Morgan. I was not looking for a cat but was afraid no one would adopt a one-eyed one so she came home with me from the shelter. She is the best pet (no offense to my other two wonderful rescue cats). She is so much more trusting. I can take her to the vet anytime, just pick her up and put her in a carrier. The other two require stealth techniques (pick up when they go to eat) which don’t always work. So glad that Bodhi was perfect for you. He is very beautiful too. I bet he’s happy to be home.

    1. Morgan is so lucky you took her home, and I’m so glad you feel the same way about her that we feel about Bodhi. They are both home, and I know they are both happy to have us – just as we are to have them!

  3. My girls love our back yard. It’s probably the one place where they have enough room to co-exist without having to be only a few feet away from each other. Not quite true, but close. (Ducky has been a real brat lately so she’s back to being on a leash, with very little freedom, inside the house as well as outside.)

  4. PS. I’m so glad that Bodhi is doing so well and is so happy! Give him a hug and kiss for me, or just a belly rub if that’s what he’d prefer. 😊🐢🐾

    1. Bodhi is happy with ANYTHING!! Belly rubs, hugs, all good in his book. He sends his love to your crew too.

  5. It’s so rewarding to see a dog lead a “normal” life regardless of medical condition, background etc. They are able to live out their time just being a dog, and doing happy doggy things… and you are responsible! πŸ™‚

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