Gabi’s chair used to be my chair, and on good days, she lets me share it with her. At 17 plus, she’s an old lady, and this nice soft comfy chair suits her fine.


She sleeps the day away here, and the nights too, for the most part.  She comes to eat her breakfast and dinner when served, but then she’s back to resting. At 17 1/2, that’s the most you can ask of her.One of the younger cats will occasionally disturb her, and they get some pretty harsh words in exchange. Sleeping is serious business at her age.

She’s got good taste – that chair is pretty comfortable. With any luck, I may be sleeping my days and nights away there when I’m old too. (61 isn’t old, right?)


(These photos were partly an excuse to try an early Christmas present from one of my blogger buddies, a tripod that was no longer wanted.  I can now take photos in a pretty dark room, and they still work. Magic…thank you Kate and Dan!)

11 thoughts on “Gabi’s Chair

  1. I love your posts so much….you’re a great writer and I love hearing about your work with the cats…
    I have a question: My 2 kitties are suffering terribly from fleas; the medicine makes them sick and really doesn’t work; they won’t let me get them to the vet – any ideas to get rid of fleas in my house? They were here when I bought this house….my girls had none until we moved in.

    1. Ann, thanks for the kind words. I’m not a vet so can’t really tell you what the solution will be. I do know that if the fleas continue the cats can develop severe anemia and other health conditions that could be serious. I am guessing that you will need a professional exterminator to get the fleas out of your home, and that only a vet can recommend proper flea care for the cats. Over the counter medications are generally less effective and more dangerous than ones the vet can suggest. Good luck!

      1. Diatomaceous earth is organic and safe (you can even dust it directly on the cat) – It;s a natural insecticide (I think it sort of smothers them) -available at places like Tractor Supply. Not as quickly efficient as the poisons, but gentler if your cats are sensitive to topical flea meds. You may have to go the exterminator route first .

  2. She is so beautiful (and hopefully healthy!). She looks a lot like my very first cat. Glad the tripod is working for you. It was just collecting dust here.

    1. Gabi is amazingly healthy for 17 1/2. Blood work spot on each time we check her. And I will try to prevent the tripod from collecting dust here! Thank you again.

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