Bodhi Update

Bodhi’s meds came today, a compounded eye drop that he will get am and pm each day. How easy is that? Even easier than most dogs since he is blind and he can’t see the dropper over his eye. But the best news…at least it seems so at this early moment…is that six hours after…Read more »


It has been a long week for us petsitters. Soooo many people away between Christmas and New Year’s. Many back Friday night, and we are actually looking forward to a quieter weekend. We be exhausted. So we’re gonna take a lesson from this cutie, and RELAX a little bit. We hope you can too. With…Read more »

Mystery Continued

I was really hoping the Bodhi’s culture would come back with some bacteria we could battle with antibiotics. It would answer at least two of the three questions potentially about Bodhi’s health. Alas, the bacteria he had a month or so ago was cleared up by the antibiotic he took. No UTI anymore. But that…Read more »


I’m rather fond of mysteries, or certain ones. I like to read cozies, and recently discovered Louise Penny, who satisfies my love of better literature and mysteries all at once. I’m binge reading her books at the moment, and about half way through the published ones. I’m a little less enthused about medical mysteries when…Read more »