Now We Are Three

The third kitten (of four, we think) got trapped this evening. Terrified in the trap, but more comfortable when reunited with siblings.


In the coming days, I may bring my camera over, but for now, they are pretty scared, and a quick shot with my phone will have to do.

Personalities of the first two are becoming a bit clearer. The torti is just scared and shy, but will tolerate pets grudgingly…mostly too scared to move. You can see the fear in her eyes. The tiger, behind the torti, means business…check out the eyes – that’s a double dare you look. (We haven’t sexed these little ones yet.) He (I’m guessing) slaps…hard…with claws out, when you try to pet. That one’s going to take a bit of work.

The buff one just came in an hour ago, and our policy is not to try to touch or mess with the new kitties for a day…let them adjust to the massive change in their world for a little bit first. One more to go, and crappy weather on the way tonight. We hate leaving one alone out there. Momma is still with the little one, we think. She’s been around a lot, but is very trap savvy. We don’t actually like spaying females in the winter and sending them back outside with shaved bellies, though we would make an exception for her should she get caught. She has been eluding the trap for two years now. But we really, really, want the last baby. Paws crossed that he or she gets trapped really soon.


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