The last of the four kittens was caught this morning…hallelujah!! She is the dilute torti in the bottom, under the shelf in this photo, and she’s a quick little thing. She actually jumped out of the dog crate, which is up on a table, and had a good run around the cat house this morning just as I was trying  to get her settled. But I re-captured her, and she is now snuggling with her siblings. Vet appointment tomorrow, first distempers, deworming and defleaing, and off to their wonderful foster home for the next month or so until they are old enough to spay/neuter and find their forever homes. Phew.



22 thoughts on “Final(ly) Four

  1. Oh well done! They are so cute… I hope they will get used to being pets soon. What about the mother?

    1. They will adapt quickly – we’ll make sure they get lots of handling and love. The mom has eluded us for two years, but we will get her in the spring. Sigh. All out effort come early spring. We don’t really love spaying females in winter and putting them back out with shaved bellies if avoidable.

  2. Such cuties! Congratulations on capturing them all and assuring they will finally have a good and safe life in their future forever homes!

  3. I saw the subject line in my email and had to click right away! Yay! Sorry about the Mom. Hope she doesn’t have another litter in the spring! They are all beautiful. Love that the new one is sassy.

    1. Hopefully we will get to mom before the next litter. And we have TNRd all the other known cats in the neighborhood, so hoping there aren’t any males around…paws crossed.

  4. Thank you for the update and glad to hear the babes will be warm and safe this winter. Tuesday was brutal and I was pulling for them. Mom sounds like a tough cookie. Hopefully spring will bring a change of fortune for her too. Thank you for being their angel.

    1. They are an especially beautiful group of girls. Should help them with getting good homes.

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