I’m rather fond of mysteries, or certain ones. I like to read cozies, and recently discovered Louise Penny, who satisfies my love of better literature and mysteries all at once. I’m binge reading her books at the moment, and about half way through the published ones.

I’m a little less enthused about medical mysteries when it comes to our critters, but we seem to specialize in them anyway. Bodhi is the current mystery, and like the best of them, there are many subplots and many suspects to keep us guessing.

Bodhi on porch_0005_edited-1

For a couple months now we’ve been trying to sort him out. He seems to feel fine, which is grand, but something or some things are lurking, and I’d prefer to find them before they do any serious harm. He has been leaking urine for a few months, quite unusual for a young male dog. That speaks about bladder/sphincter control. His urine has been perfect in the basic urinalysis, except that the specific gravity is low, and that brings up kidney questions. And when we actually get a sterile urine sample and culture it, there has been a nasty and persistent bacteria to deal with, one that is immune to some of the common drugs used to treat urinary tract infections.

So…more tests this week, and another urine culture to see if that bacteria is still present. Each time he’s been in an antibiotic he has stopped being incontinent, which doesn’t make medical sense unless the bacteria is actually the cause of all of this….its possible. (See what I mean about subplots?) If the bacteria is still present he will get a long course of antibiotics and another culture that is negative before getting off them. Maybe that’s the chief suspect in the incontinence…maybe not.

His kidney values have been spot on in blood tests, and we’ve ruled out medical conditions that would normally cause him to be unable to concentrate his urine. Another mystery. It seems unlikely to be related to the possible bacteria, but then again, mysteries are full of unexpected twists and turns.  An ultrasound may be in his future on that front, but not until we’ve gotten to the bottom of the UTI question.  I’m glad that he feels fine, but I will be glad to get to the bottom of all of this. I suspect he wouldn’t mind fewer visits to the vet himself. And with Bodhi’s mystery solved I can go back to my Louise Penny mysteries, and rely on Chief Inspector Gamache to sort things out. One mystery at a time is plenty for me.


13 thoughts on “Mysteries

  1. I hope you solve the mystery of your beautiful pooch!
    Also, have you read anything by Dorothy Cannell? I read “The Thin Woman” – murder mystery, funny and great writing from a former Brit living in Ohio. Hoping to get the rest of her books very soon (Christmas).

  2. The problem with pets is they can’t tell you stuff. He may have a low level infection in his system that makes him feel not perfect but ok enough. Jake, who was diabetic, always seemed to have a UTI going on but at a low level that didn’t give real symptoms. Antibiotics for him were a crap shoot as they upset his insulin levels. Good luck with Bodhi. He is too young to have issues but it sounds like he’s enjoying life. That’s the thing about animals. They accept where they are and enjoy the moment.

    1. We’re glad he seems to feel fine, but it would be great to help him with the incontinence. It is funny to say, but hoping he actually has a UTI and that it can be treated and it makes the incontinence disappear too.

  3. Aw, hope you get Bodhi’s mystery solved VERY soon. I don’t know too many dogs who enjoy vet visits. Though my sweet Callie didn’t mind – she loved our vet (and he loved her) – and she always accompanied Shadow on her appointments, for moral support. Great photo by the way!

    1. Bodhi used to be better at the vet’s, but he’s grown wary. I am taking him up on some desensitization visits – just quick trips in for pets from staff and treats – and then out again. It is helping.

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