Mystery Continued

I was really hoping the Bodhi’s culture would come back with some bacteria we could battle with antibiotics. It would answer at least two of the three questions potentially about Bodhi’s health. Alas, the bacteria he had a month or so ago was cleared up by the antibiotic he took. No UTI anymore.

Bodhi and Thomas_0007_edited-1

But that leaves us, still, with a mystery. He shouldn’t have a problem with incontinence, while having urine that isn’t much concentrated unless he is drinking a whole lot, which he’s not. Doesn’t make sense…at least not yet. Sigh.

At least the wonderful Louise Penny mysteries resolve themselves as quickly as I can read, which is usually a book in two or three days. No such luck with Bodhi.

So, next step is an ultrasound of his kidney and some related organs, like adrenal glands, etc. The lack of concentration in his urine and possible kidney involvement is concerning, moreso than the incontinence. That, at least, we can deal with. Bodhi is sporting a lovely belly band, leopard skin pattern, at night now, with a Poise pad inside, and that works at least for now. But the kidney stuff…that’s a lot scarier…especially when we don’t know what it is. Let’s hope the ultrasound on Thursday provides a few more clues. It is nice to know what all this isn’t. (Not Cushings…not diabetes…not infection.) But it would be a whole lot nicer to know what is it. I’d like that for Christmas more than anything else.


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    1. Absolutely frustrating. But glad he seems to feel fine for now. Hopefully we can find the problem before that changes.

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