Bodhi’s Mystery continued

For those of you waiting for news about Bodhi, here’s the scoop. The ultrasound showed some abnormality with one of his kidneys and my vet wanted a better reading of it from a radiologist. That came back today, and though there is a slight abnormality there, the radiologist is not terribly concerned about it. What he thinks may be going on is called Diabetes Insipidus, or Water Diabetes, a rare condition (we specialize in rare conditions in this household!) but can be managed. This particular diagnosis would explain his incontinence suddenly appearing as well, so paws crosssed. If not this, then it is off to an internal medicine specialist.

Meds will be ordered next week. It sounds like we just start giving them and monitor the specific gravity in his urine, and see what that tells us.


So Bodhi, at least for now, got a good Christmas present. Kidney disease would have been a horrible diagnosis, and a terminal one, which would truly suck for a four year old wonderful dog. We are keeping our paws crossed that this explains what’s going on, and we can all move on to other things!


11 thoughts on “Bodhi’s Mystery continued

  1. Yay! This sounds manageable–and so much better than the alternative. Bodhi, I hope you have a great Christmas, sweet boy. Audrey, you need a break. Enjoy. I hope Santa is good to you–you deserve so much good.

  2. Glad things are looking up. Enjoy your Christmas. I’m sure your heart is lighter. Please hug that beautiful dog for me.

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