I’ve been feeling pretty uninspired with my photography lately, so to get myself back behind the camera and to see if I can bump up those skills just a little, I am challenging myself to a month of posting a photo (or maybe two) each day of January.

So, wakey, wakey I am saying to myself, and Bodhi and Minh are helping! We hope you are recovering from your New Year’s celebrations, and that you wake up to all the possibilities of a new year.




12 thoughts on “Wakey, Wakey, It’s 2017!

  1. Happy New Year! We celebrated at home with the pups, watching Clemson beat Ohio State for the right to play Alabama – again! – in the championship game next week. GO TIGERS!

    1. Oh there’s plenty of blur! If you blew the photo up larger you’d see plenty of it! But it was a fun photo anyway.

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