Kittens and cats from 2016 and Vote for the Kitties (again)

No new photos today. I have a cold and am physically and creatively trashed. But just a reminder to vote once again for our TNR program (with our thanks!) $100 doesn’t seem like much, but it would buy us 7 14 lb bags of kitten kibble, which might be enough to get us through the whole 2017 kitten season! Just search on Derry Township and vote for our two cute kittens Thursday and Friday and then I’ll stop haranguing all of you

In the meantime, here are some of the kittens and cats who went through our program in 2016 and who have homes of their own now.



2016 05 30_0345_edited-1


2016 05 25_0329_edited-1

2016 05 18_0101_edited-1



8 thoughts on “Kittens and cats from 2016 and Vote for the Kitties (again)

    1. That’s Henry, and he got a wonderful home. He’s FIV+ but got a great home with someone who knows that’s not a death sentence. Apparently Henry loves her dogs, and has his meals with the dogs daily. A real character!

    2. Henry was a cat dumped on a colony as well, and beaten up pretty good. He was VERY glad to come spend time with us, as you can see from his photo. Very happy to be back inside and have good places to nap.

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