Bodhi is rarely off-leash outside the house, and I think he prefers it that way. Because of his blindness he counts on our guidance at the other end of the leash to keep him from bumping into things, and we’re successful most of the time. No more mindless walking for us when we’ve got Bodhi out! But I thought I’d give him a try off-leash in the backyard which isn’t fenced, but is fairly contained, and he enjoyed walking around a bit, and then plopped on the grass to relax. Nice to get some photos of him outside that don’t have a leash and harness in them.





12 thoughts on “Jan Challenge Day 14: Bodhi

    1. Dogs can be easier than cats…depends on their energy levels! And there are plenty of bad pictures of Bodhi which are not his fault, just the photographer’s. You just don’t get to see them.

    1. Bodhi isn’t much for adventures. He actually moves faster and further on leash. He probably feels safer and more secure that way.

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