Are you ready for some…kittens? (No, not football.)

I don’t know about you, but if you’re one of my regular followers, you may be missing kitten pictures. I know I was! Kitten season 2016 is passed, thankfully, and 2017’s crop is yet to be born, and hopefully will be smaller than last year’s, given all the TNR work we’ve done over the last 4 years. But this little crew was one that came in very late in 2016, and you never got to see photos of them. They were a little older when captured, close to two months, and they’ve been living with a wonderful foster mom, and her cat Sunny. This is another all-female litter (the vet thinks we specialize in them) and Sunny is enamored of his harem!

Meet Sunny:


And his harem.









They absolutely adore him!


All, except Sunny, will be available from Castaway Critters very soon now.

10 thoughts on “Jan Challenge, Day 17: Sunny’s Harem

  1. Debra, Amazing photos, considering how uncooperative they were yesterday! A successful challenge! Keep up the great work. So thankful our family got to love them, especially Sunny🐾

    1. Thanks for taking them on the journey from outside to in! Here’s hoping they all find great homes.

    1. Little stinkers to be sure…and not wanting to be photographed!! The fourth photo, Missy, is one of the most unusual cats I’ve seen. Colors of a torti on a tiger cat, medium haired. She’s gonna turn heads! Good thing she’s getting spayed tomorrow.

  2. I’m not a “cats as pets” person – I was raised with dogs who chased neighbor cats out of our yard – but the kittens are adorable (they’ve all been!) and Sunny surely fits his name. 😊

    1. Sunny fits his name in color and also in temperament. A perfect mentor cat for the kittens.

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