Jan Challenge, Day 18: Chocolate

I’ve been feeling pretty lousy for the last nine days, with a wicked dry cough. A cough and asthma aren’t really the best combination either. I was hoping it would pass on its own, but alas…so after another really miserable night last night, it was off to the doctor today. Walking pneumonia is the best guess at this point, and they gave me five days of antibiotics to test the theory. But the doctor also recommended dark chocolate as a way to sooth the cough. Has to be at least 72% dark chocolate. So Marley brought me the selection below, and I’ll see which amount of chocolate works best.


A true scientific approach may require testing brands as well as percentages of dark chocolate. Don’t want to leave any chocolate unturned. I’ll let you know, just in case you have a cough that needs medical attention.

And a quick update on the photo contest – we are one of the winners, came in 5th place with my photo out of about 280 photos, and won $100 to help us feed the kitties! Thank you for voting all last week.

13 thoughts on “Jan Challenge, Day 18: Chocolate

  1. So sorry you are under the weather. Sounds really bad too. Way too long. We’ll want a complete report on the chocolate. To help out, I will try some milk chocolate and see if I feel better.

  2. Great news about photo contest! Get well quickly and good to know about another use
    For chocolate!

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